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Internet Marketing Software Designed For

All Your Inbound Marketing Efforts
  • Responsive CMS

    SeedLogix is designed to support 1 or 1000s of responsive websites from a single user.

  • Content Blogging

    Publish high quality content to your blog and social accounts easily with our blogging software.

  • Landing Pages

    Deploy multiple landing pages to target specific products, services, or aspects of your business

  • Lead Generation Forms

    Easily build lead generation forms that collect the right customer data to increase conversions.

  • Email Marketing

    With SeadLogix's marketing automation stack, you can constantly be in front of your leads.

  • Social Media

    Schedule and automate your social media activity to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

  • Lead Management

    SeedLogix's lead timelines help users understand more about their leads before they reach out.

  • Aggregated Web

    Understand how an entire online ecosystem is performing in a single view.

Production Tools

Creating a successful online
foundation is more than a
single website and single blog.

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Marketing Automation

We have simplified marketing
automation allowing any user type to
convert more prospects online.

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Lead Management

With complete lead profiles
users are able to convert
more leads efficiently.

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ROI Tracking

Get a full 360° view on your
inbound marketing efforts to define
a true return on investment.

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Truly Complete Inbound
Marketing Platform

Inbound marketing software is essential for getting found by more customers online. Our internet marketing software combines into one single platform all of the tools needed to get your brand more visible and converting more prospects to actual customers online.

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Company Profile
What is possible with SeedLogix?

Check out how Observint Technologies is successful with SeedLogix.

  • Their Challenges
  • SeedLogix Solution
  • Their Results

Observint was tasked with developing a platform to provide each of their Supercircuit Dealers with dedicated local websites. They needed to control and maintain the content across hundreds of websites while routing and managing leads efficiently. Aggregated reporting of online visits, email leads and phone calls for each of those dealer websites was also a major obstacle to overcome.

Observint was able to deploy over 694 local dealer websites, fully branded to each dealer using our Multi-Site CMS feature, completely controlled through easy to manage base systems. Dealers are able to login and manage their own leads and reporting, while also providing Observint with detailed aggregated reports on total visits, email leads and calls backed with quality recordings.

Observint currently averages monthly 20K visits, 1200 calls and leads from 100% local organic traffic. Adoption rate for their dealer program has increase drastically since efficiently deploying local dealer websites.

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