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Software to support your entire web presence.

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Software to support your entire web presence.

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SeedLogix's add-ons are calculated by your base subscription and can be added at any point in your monthly cycle. We prorate your add-ons depending on how many days until your renewal date. If you have any questions please call 877-467-7091.

Add-Ons Professional Corporate Enterprise
(1 site / 1 Blog / 1 Landing Page)
$ 5 /month $ 4 /month $ 3 /month
(SERP Rankings Data)
50 ¢ /month 40 ¢ /month 30 ¢ /month
(Per 1k Emails Sent Monthly)
$ 4 /month $ 3 /month $ 2 /month

SeedLogix provides a team of experts to help you learn our software efficiently, while augmenting your efforts with world class professional services.

Services One-Time Fee
Content Creation
(Premium Content Writers)
12 ¢ /word
Custom Development
(Integration or Software Enhancements)
$ 75 /hour

Adding call tracking to your marketing efforts closes the loop on lead conversions. Users can add as many toll-free or local tracking numbers as they like to any license at any point.

Call Tracking Minutes Additional Minutes Pricing
Local Number 1000 3.9 ¢ /minute $ 10 /month
Toll Free Number 100 3.9 ¢ /minute $ 10 /month


What is a touchpoint inside SeedLogix?

Touchpoints are either websites, blogs or landing pages created in our software. Our packges group touchpoints into touchpoint blocks, making 1 touchpoint block equal to 1 website, 1 blog and 1 landing page.

Why is add-on pricing different for each package?

SeedLogix's packages are base subscriptions that define the rate for each add-on. Users can add more touchpoints, keywords tracked or increase the number of emails they can send at any time.

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