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Become efficient by scheduling your social media posts ahead of time.

Social Media is not going away any time soon and search engines such as Google are using your social activity as factors for ranking organically. Most marketers and business owners have more tasks on their plate than tweeting, following and liking everything relevant and compelling online. Our social media scheduling software helps marketers who manage much more than just social media.

Social Media Scheduler

Much like our lead nurturing platform, users have the ability to setup pre-defined social media posts to go out on certain days and certain times to maximize your reader base. Let's face it, most marketers and business owners wear many hats and are not likely available to engage in social media at specific times of the day. Our system allows users to set-up campaigns to go out on the best times for better adoption and larger reader base.

  • Setup unlimited amounts of posts to go out any hour of the day, and in strategic order for as far in advanced as you like.
  • Create schedulers for unlimited amount of social media profiles.
  • Publish posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at once or separate different posts for each social site.
Company Profile

Company Profile

Multi Site Social Post Publisher

SeedLogix's Multi Site Post Publisher allows users who have many touchpoints such as franchises, multi-location businesses, agencies who have industry specific clients or marketing teams, to deploy scheduled posts that pull personalized content such as company profile info, images, URL, and website details. This allows users to market single posts for thousands of websites customizing each one dynamically for each touchpoint.

Users can setup individual profiles for each touchpoint allowing our Mult Site Post Publisher to publish dynamic content across an endless amount of social media accounts. Simply choose sites, landing pages or blogs that match either user types, industry types, or geographic locations, add our simple to use tagging platform and our system does the rest. Personalizing each post with dynamic content insertion to ensure it is unique and targeted for each specific touchpoint.

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