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Marketing Automation goes way beyond simply sending email.

SeedLogix's Marketing Automation suite helps marketers create a unique and personalized customer experience through email, website, landing pages, blogs, and social media profiles. Our simple to use system allows users to create a marketing workflow in minutes and cost effectively.

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Email Marketing Software should be designed so you can quickly and efficiently launch conditioning email messages to prospects - quickly turning them into hot, actionable leads for your sales team.

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SeedLogix's seamless integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allows users to easily create a schedule to post content automatically across your social networks - adding dynamic automation to all your profiles.

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Constant, personalized drip marketing is the key to converting more leads automatically. Within our system, you can set-up unlimited amounts of auto-responder emails to go out to each of your prospects.

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Our team is here to ensure your inbound marketing strategy is designed and executed efficiently and cost effectively.

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We stride to make our software as simple as possible, however our technical support team is here to make it even easier.


The majority of our features are driven by our customers and our development team is hard at work delivering what you want.

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