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Powerful Client Software for Marketing Agencies

All-in-one SEO marketing software to manage every stage of your clients, from setup to marketing.
Simple drag & drop CMS, email marketing, SERP ranking reports, aggregated campaign reporting, lead management and much more.

  • Client CMS
  • Automation
  • 360° ROI
  • Client Roles

Drag & Drop Responsive CMS

Our responsive, drag and drop CMS is designed specifically to make your marketing agency more efficient when setting clients up with websites, blogs and landing pages. Agencies can create stunning and powerful lead generation marketing systems leveraging our internal themes, or customize to a unique look with our advanced css and code level editing.

  • Simply drag and drop content blocks to create endless responsive websites.
  • Unique Multi Site CMS functionality allowing agencies to build once, use many.
  • Create standalone or seamless content marketing blogs for your clients.
  • Deploy product or service specific landing pages for your client campaigns.
  • Enterprise level cloud hosting infrastructure for each of your clients.
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Client Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation suite helps agencies deploy a unique and personalized customer experience for each of their client campaigns. With our simple to use platform, marketing agencies can setup unlimited email autoresponders to drip market to their client's prospects. They can also launch effective and beautiful email broadcast campaigns to promote webinars, specials, and events; as well as schedule social media posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on a consistent basis to ensure your campaigns effectiveness.

SeedLogix has gone over any beyond to ensure our marketing automation tools are designed to make your agency more efficient at marketing for your clients.

  • Create custom lead generation forms to collect important prospect data.
  • Setup unlimited and timed email autoresponders for each of your client campaigns.
  • Launch highly effective email broadcast campaigns to your client's leads.
  • Schedule unlimited social media posts on your client's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.
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Client Campaign Reporting

SeedLogix ROI reporting suite for marketing agencies displays dashboards with complete aggregated analytics of all your client campaigns. Within the same interface, agencies can manage not only their client's entire online presence, but they can view Aggregated Web Reporting, SERP Rankings Reports and Call Tracking & Recording

  • Agencies and clients can view where they rank on Google and Bing.
  • Aggregated web analytics of all websites, landing pages and blogs within the system, in a single view.
  • Call tracking and recording reports so agencies can provide closed-loop ROI tracking.
  • Schedule in-depth campaign performance reports to automatically go out to your clients.
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Marketing Client Management

Not every marketing client is created equal. Some clients want to contribute to your agencies efforts and some just need to see progress. With SeedLogix's role base system, marketing agencies can setup different client profiles, giving them access to view only or contributor permissions. Our licenses offer unlimited users at no cost, which allow agencies to determine how much usage is needed for each client. This unique volume pricing approach lets marketing agencies scale cost effectively.

  • Created unlimited client users at no additional charge.
  • Setup unlimited client roles, which limit usage and restrict certain features and functionality.
  • Create internal support user roles to manage client campaigns.
  • Create a training or membership portal for any user role setup in the system.
  • Client user accounts are 100% private labeled to your brand and domain.
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Internet Marketing Software Designed for Agencies

Make Your Marketing Agency More Efficient
  • Responsive CMS

    SeedLogix is designed to support 1 or 1000s of responsive websites from a single user.

  • Content Blogging

    Publish high quality content to your blog and social accounts easily with our blogging software.

  • Landing Pages

    Deploy multiple landing pages to target specific products, services, or aspects of your business

  • Lead Generation Forms

    Easily build lead generation forms that collect the right customer data to increase conversions.

  • Email Marketing

    With SeedLogix's marketing automation stack, you can constantly be in front of your leads.

  • Social Media

    Schedule and automate your social media activity to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

  • Lead Management

    SeedLogix's lead timelines help users understand more about their leads before they reach out.

  • Aggregated Web

    Understand how an entire online ecosystem is performing in a single view.

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