Introducing the first aggregated web analytic platform.

Most companies who really dominate online have a corporate website, corporate blog, solution websites, solution blogs, landing pages, microsites and more. The combination of all those touchpoints makes it difficult to manage what is converting and what is not. With your aggregated web analytics interface, we can showcase what is happening online with every site in your network in real time aggregated datasets in a single view.

All Touchpoint Analytics

SeedLogix displays visit totals, lead totals, phone call totals, top ranking keywords, top performing keywords, social analytics, and much more, in all your campaigns. As you move through our software, aggregated analytics is drilled down from all campaigns, a specific campaign, touchpoint types (websites, blogs, landing pages), or an individual touchpoint. This allows marketers to see, in aggregate, if their efforts are impacting their aggregate online ecosystem.

In-Depth Analytic Reporting

If your dashboard and lead views data are not enough for their marketing reports, users can use our reporting module to create custom or recurring reports. These can be setup for all touchpoints in all campaigns, or simply for a specific touchpoint. The reports provide robust views as to how your touchpoint visits are being generated, where your leads are coming from and clear insight as to what impacts your marketing efforts are creating.
Each report contains a source report that can be further drilled down into. You can see things like what type of organic searches are happening and from where, referrals and which ones are the most lucrative, and social media traffic along with true conversion rates.

Analytics On Every View

SeedLogix focuses on providing analytic data as you move through our system. The less reports you have to run and the more dashboards already displaying the information you are looking for, the more efficient you will be. Our system is a production platform, but also has the data marketers need. On almost every view analytic data changes and is related to each touchpoint, allowing you to quickly export data related to a number of websites, blogs, landing pages, or a specific campaign.