Grow and manage your multi-location business contact database with actionable and high quality leads.

Your contact database should not be flooded with incomplete or low quality leads. By converting leads into contacts once they reach a certain point in the life-cycle, it allows your outbound touches to be much more effective and easier to manage.

Complete Contact Views

Contacts in SeedLogix not only show all the business details you need to effectively reach out, we also pull in and show the history of the contact prior to becoming one. All the data from when they were leads is conveniently displayed in the contacts timeline stream. Information such as what web page they visited last from your site, what email they looked at, what device they used most when visiting your site, and real time notifications when they are on your site.
These contact triggers help you or your multi-location sales team become more efficient, convert more contacts, and have as much data as possible before ever reaching out.

Set up Notes and Schedule Interactions

SeedLogix allows users to add notes to contacts like information about a call, meeting or email and then schedule a reminder to call or email back. This reminder is then emailed to you and an alert prepared.
Users have the ability to create one-off emails and schedule those to go out on certain times. Much like our auto-responder system, these are unique and custom drip campaigns that are exclusive to that specific contact.

Contact Import & Campaign Allocation

SeedLogix makes it simple for multi-location businesses to import their own contact list, including allocating contacts to a specific auto-repsonder campaign. Users can then activate auto-responder messages immediately on import and continue to drip on these contacts. Leveraging our email broadcasting system, users can quickly launch one off email campaigns for promotions or upcoming events to contacts who are part of any nurturing campaign.
• Manually move any contact to a new campaign.
• Easily import contacts using a simple .csv format.
• History of past messages stored in contact timeline.