Content blogging platform designed for marketing agencies

SeedLogix content blogging platform is specifically set up to simplify blogging for your clients. Our blogging software helps optimize your content to increase rankings and placement on search engines. There is no question, quality and new content are the most important factors to SEO. Our system makes that piece a lot easier.

Responsive Content Blogging Software

Blogs are essential to increasing your brand's online exposure. We provide a simple and easy way to publish new and relevant content, without installing third-party plugins.
Our out-of-the-box blogging software allows users to easily optimize their posts, sync content across their websites, and auto-publish content to social media profiles. All of our blogs are designed with responsive layouts that load faster and are coded for optimal online placement.
• Simply drag & drop from many responsive content blocks to design your blog in minutes or import your own.
• Content syndication across all your websites and touchpoints.
• Auto-publish blog content to social media accounts.
• One touch WordPress migration for all your blog posts.
• Create standalone blogs or seamlessly integrate your blog with your website.
• Advanced CSS and code editing allowing designers and developers to create virtually any look or design.

SEO & Social Integration Without Plugins

SeedLogix's blogging framework takes the guess work out of on-page optimization, URL structure, RSS feeds, mobile/tablet optimization and all the plugins and add-ons you are used to with available blogging platforms. Our simplified blog post publishing and social media integration allows users of all types to easily blog with a business purpose to attract more visitors organically on search engines.
Getting the word out about a new blog post is essential to staying relevant and updated to your followers, but also has a factor in your organic rankings on Google and other search engines. With every new blog post, users have the ability to push information with optimized summaries to each of their social media profiles, linking directly to the blog post published.
• Control several SEO factors on each blog post including the keyword linking URLs for greater internal site linking.
• Blog post level reporting which shows your movement and rankings on SERPs.
• SEO friendly URL structures with built in RSS feed customizations.

Blog Subscription Management

Integrating your email marketing campaigns to blog subscribers often takes several plugins and more than a few online tools to accomplish with standalone blogging platforms. Not with SeedLogix. Built directly into your SeedLogix campaign, you can push more targeted, relevant information to subscribers' specific email drip marketing campaigns, one-time email broadcasts, or segmented RSS feed groups - increasing conversions and adoption of your content.
Allow subscribers to choose to be notified of each new blog activity that happens either instantly, daily, weekly or monthly. Our system uses collected information to personalize and push out branded emails with your latest blog feed - pushing your subscribers back to your conversion-forward blog.

Multi Site Blogging

Many of our customers leverage our Multi Site CMS to deploy local websites for their franchises, multiple locations or agents. This creates a challenge to publish fresh new blog content across all these touchpoints. Our Multi Site Blogging makes this simple, allowing users to easily schedule and post fresh content across thousands of locational blogs and social media accounts. With a built in custom tagging system, marketers can customize their posts to ensure it is unique and tailored for each specific location, preventing duplicate content and maximizing local results.