Email marketing software designed to publish in minutes.

Email marketing is more than loading a list and sending out a broadcast email. The more personal an email is, the better the chances your prospects will read your emails and visit (or re-visit) your online touchpoints. SeedLogix's email marketing software simplifies this process allowing users to increase subscribers and convert more leads.

Email Marketing Software

Our built-in email marketing software allows users to design email broadcasts and unlimited email auto-responders, schedule targeted and relevant email messages. Leverage our proven email themes or import your own.
Your clients can re-use campaigns allowing them to edit a campaign and re-launch, storing history status and all reporting for further analysis.
• Design and configure powerful email marketing campaigns.
• Setup unlimited auto-responder campaigns to nurture and follow-up with your leads.
• Segment email campaigns based on subscriber data or their actions.
• Integrate social media pushing prospects to Facebook and Twitter.
• Pick from proven responsive themes or design your own.
• Track email opens, click through reporting, unsubscribes and much more.

Personalized Email Publishing

Setting up effective email marketing campaigns inside an all-in-one software allows users to integrate personalized and custom data captured from their online touchpoints; sites, blogs and landing pages. Leverage any captured dataset to personalize each message, drive them to different touchpoints, or pull in specific, interest-driven blog feeds.
Dynamically change content, design elements, call-to-action buttons, or the entire email based on the recipient's fields captured and stored in our lead management system. Not only can you personalize content based on the recipient, our email themes are responsive, and will resize and reformat so they can easily be read on any device.

Extremely Reliable Delivery System

Our email marketing platform is built on a distributed network of email senders who do a total review of SMTP logs and maintain the positive relationships with ISPs to ensure extremely high email delivery rates. Our system is set-up so no matter what a single or group of users do on our system, other users are never affected. SeedLogix's email marketing software knows when your recipients report your email campaigns as spam - allowing us to instantly unsubscribe those recipients.
We have a proprietary system that detects campaigns that are likely abusing our email marketing software - allowing our support team to review and understand what they can change or update to comply with our delivery standard.