Email auto-respond to your prospects with personalized and dynamic emails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

SeedLogix makes it easy for users to build lead generation forms to use on all your online touchpoints such as sites, blogs and landing pages. Our all-in-one solution combines email marketing, prospect management and compelling online presence to ensure you convert at the highest rate possible.

Lead Capture Form Builder

Creating or re-using lead generation forms across all your touchpoints is extremely easy with our simple tag based system, which dynamically publishes forms in any place on your sites. Our forms are smart enough to know where your prospects are coming from, allowing you to respond efficiently and segment for better conversions. Users can build one form and share it across all websites, landing pages, and blogs.
• Simple and easy to use drag-and-drop interface to create custom lead forms in minutes.
• Add unlimited fields to each form such as text fields, text areas, radio buttons, drop-downs, pricing fields, date fields, hidden fields, and some helpful predefined fields for fast setup.
• Pre-defined or custom style layouts to match any brand or touchpoint.
• Create unlimited hidden fields for campaign tracking in our Advanced Analytics panel, Google Analytics and much, much more.

Multi Site Form Publishing

Managing multiple websites, landing pages and blogs is simple with our Multi Site CMS, however we didn't stop there. Our software enables users to create Multi Site Forms which can be used across multiple sites for split testing, multiple locations, or same data sets that dynamically map each lead for different marketing messages and campaigns.
Our Multi Site Form Publishing routes every lead generated to as many people as necessary. This enables users to control massive amounts of leads generated from various sources by leveraging a single form. Instantly change, add, delete, or move input fields across all touchpoints. Fully capitalize on each of your custom lead forms created in our system.

12 Field Types to Cover All Needs

Whether you are creating a simple form to capture the basics, or you need a more complex form to collect several key data points from your leads, our easy-to-use form builder has everything built in to cover all your lead gen needs. We have 12 powerful field types - text fields, radio buttons, drop-downs, pricing fields, date fields, hidden fields, content blocks, pre-built form fields, custom fields, and more.
Our easy drag-and-drop editor allows you to move fields up and down with ease, change fields from drop-downs to standard inputs, or add additional fields as you get further along in your campaign. All changes are instantly published on all that specific form's touchpoints. Users can easily leverage our prospect management system and email marketing tools by exporting forms on external websites or blogs to maximize conversions.