Manage your leads and follow-up based on real-time activity.

Turning prospects into actionable leads takes lead nurturing and strategic touches based on the activity your leads have. SeeLogix Lead Manager is designed to be simple, efficient and provide lead timelines that can be used to know which leads are hot and which leads need more nurturing.

Real-Time Lead Details for Multi-Location Businesses

Once a lead is generated in our system from your landing pages, websites, and blogs, all that online activity is instantly available. Information such as the pages they visited and for how long, how they reached your touchpoint, and if they opened the auto-responder email that was sent to them. We make it easy to see exactly what your leads have done since they became a lead and the actions you have taken or automated since they arrived.
Our lead timelines help give you an easy visual of your leads life-cycle. From entry, to last visit, to last email, it is all recorded and showcased on the lead profile page.

Lead Import & Campaign Allocation

SeedLogix makes it simple for multi-location businesses to import their own lead list, including allocating leads to a specific auto-responder campaign. This allows users to activate auto-responder messages immediately on import and continue to drip on these prospects. Leveraging our email broadcasting system, users can quickly launch one-off email campaigns for promotions or upcoming events to leads who are part of any nurturing campaign.
• Manually move any lead to a new campaign.
• Easily import leads using a simple .csv format.
• History of past messages stored in lead timeline.

Convert Leads To Contacts

We separate leads from contacts to ensure only high quality leads end up in your contact database. Once you have decided a lead needs to become a contact, simply push our conversion button and this will convert your lead a contact. You can then add notes, schedule calls, add more information to manage your contacts.