Hold your leads' hands until they become customers.

The majority of leads that come in through your online touchpoints are not ready to buy, and many may never be. You can increase your chances to convert these leads into customers with continued lead nurturing by leveraging SeedLogix's built in tools.

Constant Flow of Personalized Emails

Users can create unlimited amounts of auto-responder messages that can go out instantly, daily, weekly, or monthly, beginning at the time of your leads initial conversion. This drip marketing approach allows you to walk your leads through a steady flow of information about your products or services. Each email that goes out, users can personalize each message with data already collected on the lead, call-to-action buttons based on criteria, design elements, or message offering. This provides a feel that you took the time to develop and send this message directly for this lead's specific need.
• Create and schedule your optimal amount of auto-responder emails, segmented by custom form or criteria.
• Personalize each auto-responder email with lead profile info.
• Track email opens, click through reporting, unsubscribes and much more.

Blog and Social Feed Integration

Users have the ability to integrate their recent blog and social media posts directly into every message. With our easy-to-design themes and default responsive layouts, adding feeds to your emails is simple and will always format correctl,y no matter what device your recipients are using. Our system will pull in the most recent posts from your social media profiles and blogs - allowing you to limit the amount of posts your readers see.