Production Tools
Efficient production tools makes inbound marketing affordable for multi-location businesses.

SeedLogix's Production Tools enable marketers of all shapes and sizes to deploy a dominate multi-location internet foundation. Anyone can leverage our responsive content management system, content blogging platform, powerful landing pages, and easy-to-use custom lead generation forms.

CMS (Site/Sites Management)

Our multi site, responsive content management system is optimized no matter what browser or device your prospects find you on. This provides extremely fast load times and higher conversions. Easily take control of your site management without IT.

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Content Blogging

Turn your online footprints into lead magnets with our blogging software. Marketers can fuel their inbound marketing efforts with quality content publishing that is fully integrated with social media, blogging, SEO, SEM, and all our inbound marketing tools.

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Landing Pages

All our landing pages are powered by our Multi Site CMS. This allows marketers to easily build and deploy responsive landing pages designed with proven layouts to generate more leads. Easily create and attach custom forms to any landing page to capture your leads.

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Lead Generation Forms

Create lead generation forms for each landing page, blog, or website with our easy-to-use custom form builder. Our form builder offers 12 field types, multiple site usage, simple management, and much more. Online lead capture simplified.

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Marketing Automation goes way beyond simply sending email.

SeedLogix's Marketing Automation suite helps marketers create a unique and personalized customer experience through email, website, landing pages, blogs, and social media profiles. Our simple to use system allows users to create a marketing workflow for multiple locations in minutes and cost effectively.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Software should be designed so you can quickly and efficiently launch conditioning email messages to prospects - quickly turning them into hot, actionable leads for your sales team.

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Social Media Scheduling

SeedLogix's seamless integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allows users to easily create a schedule to post content automatically across your social networks - adding dynamic automation to all your profiles.

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Lead Nurturing

Constant, personalized drip marketing is the key to converting more leads automatically. Within our system, you can set-up unlimited amounts of auto-responder emails to go out to each of your prospects.

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Lead Management
Manage leads from all your touchpoints online efficiently.

SeedLogix's Lead Management suite provides a 360 degree view of all your leads generated online through your website, landing pages, microsites, blogs and social media accounts. Users can manage when, where and how leads are finding their business and quickly respond to those leads directly from our lead timeline views.

Lead Manager

Lead Management has never been easier with lead view timelines. With SeedLogix lead dashboard, users can see everything they need to maximize conversions - history, activity and triggers; all in one simple view.

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Contact Manager

Our contact Manager is designed to be a light weight lead qualification system. You can tasks, call notes, and activity history until your leads are actionable opportunities and ready for your CRM.

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Simplified aggregated ROI reporting for all your domains & touchpoints.

SeedLogix's ROI Reporting suite displays a complete aggregated dashboard of all your touchpoints, providing the big picture all marketers are looking for. Our layered dashboards display visits, keyword rankings, keyword traffic, social media adoption, conversion rates and more.

Aggregated Web Reporting

Our aggregated dashboards provide end-to-end analytics ensuring your marketing efforts are receiving maximum conversions through all your online touchpoints.

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Call Tracking & Recording

Users have the ability to quickly assign phone tracking numbers. This enables phone call recording on all incoming calls, and allows you to listen to the quality of the calls through an easy-to-use interface.

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