Dealer Marketing Platform
Empowering Your Distribution Networks

Campaign Setup

Enjoy a centralized backend that maintains corporate control throughout your network of websites.

Control Brand Messaging

Deploy and optimize unlimited child sites while maintaining ascendance of messaging and branding.

Content Marketing

Enjoy full service solutions for social media management, blog creation, and content designed for maximizing organic search results.

Dealer-Specific Branding

Increase your sales by providing dealers with an individual website, CMS, and inbound marketing tools. Let them focus on branding; when your local distributor is successful, your product is more successful.

  • Transparent data collection so every website connects to your corporate CMS allowing you to see leads and study ROI.
  • Create dealer specific campaigns and target your demographics on a geographic level.
  • Maintain close relationships with your entire network and help grow your brand.

Protect Corporate Messaging

Deploy hyperlocal and branded websites for individual dealers while maintaining control on content blocks and your own messaging. Rank high in local search results without compromising your national brand.

  • Local customization of websites while simultaneously preventing your own content from being changed or moved.
  • Execute corporate campaigns across your entire network of websites instantly without laborious coordination with local dealers.
  • Hyperlocal branding allows your products to have a local feel with the benefits of national recognition.

Dealer-Specific Lead Generation

Nurture list building in every territory your products are sold in. Build custom data collection forms for local implementation. Facilitate localized lead generation for dealers while boosting your own relationship building opportunities.

  • Roll out optimized landing pages for specific dealers.
  • Target specific demographics for lead generation campaigns.
  • Collect contact information through a centralized backend that connects every dealer site in your network.

Content Marketing Campaigns

SeedLogix's internal team creates original content on a scheduled timeframe to ensure successful inbound marketing for your dealer network. Our services include social media dissemination, email marketing, and a full suite of potential-client interaction solutions.

  • Social media creation, management, and automation increases your online presence.
  • Email marketing campaigns are launched from your backend, optimized with data collected from your entire network of child sites.
  • Enjoy a professional team of marketers and content creators crafting your online strategy.